Three Young Willies

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The last few weekends, days which would normally be spent on birding and photography trips were instead spent watching movies on flights to and from Malaysia and India. But with the traveling for the year now all done and dusted, today was a chance to get back to more pleasurable pursuits. The only inhibitor to a few hours of good photography is the fact that right now down here summer is hitting its peak and its hot….damn hot. So, in order to beat the heat and bright morning sun it was necessary to get up and out and down to Sandy Camp Wetlands early.

Arriving at the wetlands I spotted two big bombers on tripods a little way down the track focused on something. So I wandered up to see what was drawing all the attention. In a small dead tree in the water just off the track a Willie Wagtail had a nest with three hungry hatchlings that don’t look like they are more than a few days old. Never to be one to walk past a posing bird family I set up next to the other guys and waited for the female to shuttle. Over the next thirty minutes I came away with a good series of shots of breakfast being served.




Willie Wagtails are common fantails which don’t usually warrant so much attention, but this nest was well worth the time. The nest is an interesting cup which looks like its built from spider webs. It’s not at all big and seemingly OK for the young birds while they are small, but I can’t see it being big enough to hold three chicks when they start to feather up. Its going to be a family worth following over the next week or so to see how things develop.

Hopefully they all make it and don’t get picked off by predators before they are big enough to fly.

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Three Young Willies, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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