Mrs Plover Lover

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This morning we had an interesting run-in with a masked lapwing.  Decided to put it to prose…

Plover lover,

The Missus, she’s a Plover lover,

Plover lover,

But the Plovers, no love her,

No Love her!

The Missus, she go bush,

Thinks the bush is Mush,

Bush happy, bush happy,

She loves the sticks,

Get eaten by ticks, but loves the sticks,

The Elephants,

They hate her, hate her,

But me, no Phapf!

Missus Plover lover,

The Magpies, the Missus,

No see eye to eye,

But me they luva,

Mr Magpie Lover!





Ok, so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out who the Masked Lapwing was dive bombing today!!!

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