I Spider Spider

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If you want snakes, flies and spiders then Australia is the place for you. These critters are everywhere and there is no escaping them. Just look and you’ll see them. They’re everywhere. Some are nice and some are not.But that’s Australia and it’s spiders!

A nice example of nice is this Green Jumping Spider (Mopus Mormon) plucked off our lime tree where it was hiding under the new spring foliage. This small guy, less than 5mm in size, is a beautiful example of the smaller spiders you can find if you look. While photographing it out on the glass patio table (now you know my secret for a reflective look) the resident tame Magpie dropped in on the adjacent chair to see what was going on and scrounge a tit bit. Instantaneously the spider ducked under the leaf indicating it has incredible eyesight and an instinct for danger; something I never expected to witness. But then what we humans know about nature is close to zero, so maybe I shouldn’t be so naive.




Photographing this guy was not that easy as he was not interested in staying still for very long, especially when he was away from the safety of the leaf and out on the glass table. But all in all, I was quite pleased with the outcome, and especially the table reflective shots.

Who knows maybe I’ll try and find a few more critters to show!


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