Pitta Pader

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Work travel the past few weeks has screwed up my bird photography, so getting to grips with the cold we crawled out of bed at 4.30 am this morning and headed up to Lamington National Park to see what we could get.

We had hardly started walking the top boardwalk when we were surprised by a posing Noisy Pitta quietly sitting right next to the pathway. Now, for me to see a Pitta, never mind photograph one, is an extremely rare event. The last Pitta we saw was fifteen years ago in our garden in Malaysia. These birds generally inhabit dense vegetation so to find one sitting out in the relative open is an event not likely to be repeated for a long while. Not being ones to walk past a rare gem like this we spent the next four hours quietly watching and photographing it as it scratched the dry forest floor for food, it’s olive green back and rusty brown and black head blending perfectly with the forest vegetation.  It may be named as Noisy, but this is one silent forest dweller. The whole time we were watching it, it never uttered a sound. No wonder we find it impossible to find these birds.




While watching the Pitta we were also pleased to be able to photograph a Pademelon, another small quiet Australian forest dweller. Pademelons are small marsupials that inhabit dense forests. They are very shy animals that usually take flight when they hear you approaching. But obviously up at Lamington they are more used to humans, and this little guy was not at all fussed by our presence. My first Pademelon portrait in the bag!


Besides the Pitta and Pademelon we were also blessed to have an Eastern Whip Bird pose out in the open. Whip Birds are often heard, but not that often seen. Usually all you hear is their loud whip and crack calls which sound exactly like a whip being cracked.  What many don’t realize is that the whip is the call of one bird and the crack, the immediate response of the other in a pair. Interesting stuff don’t you think?


So that was today. A day of noisy as well as supposed noisy but silent Australian forest dwellers posing for Sunday shot’s.


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