Seafood or See Birds

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For a country surrounded by sea, finding good fresh seafood in Brisbane can be a bit of a mission. Tonight is seafood night and we needed to hit a fresh fish market to make sure we got our catch of the day early. But Sunday is also photography day, and sometimes time flies and the freshest fish and prawns are gone. To solve the dilemma and fit both in we decided to take a stroll round Tinchi Tamba Wetlands, the nearest photography spot to our Brisbane home, with a strict time limit to get something for this weeks blog.

We arrived to find the wetlands blanketed by low lying fog punctuated by patches of bright early morning sun. Absolutely perfect light for photography. We had hardly gone more than a few hundred meters when we came across a bunch of Eastern Grey Kangaroos suspiciously watching us. One in particular was almost perfectly positioned in one of the light patches and it didn’t need more than a few seconds to get him in the bag!

Shortly afterwards the mist lifted and the overall light improved. Perfect for bird photography. And as luck would have it a family of Red Backed fairy Wrens were feeding next to the trail. God was smiling on me today because just then a male and female decided to warm themselves on a nicely exposed branch. To tell you the truth, despite these birds being common I don’t have very many good shots of them because not only are they fidgety they always seem to be in thick vegetation when I’m passing. But not today. Once again, after a few minutes I has enough good shots to thank god and move on.





Next stop down the path was a hide overlooking a section of coastal mangroves. The tide was in and it was still very early so there was not much happening out on the water. No sooner had I sat down to take a look round an Egret landed in knee deep water fairly far out and systematically worked its way right in front of the lens. Shadows from the mangroves were a challenge in terms of white balance settings, but a bit of adjustment and I got a few reasonable shots of this bird as well.




With these in the bag it was back to the car and off to the fish market. Not too bad for just over an hours effort, don’t you think!



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