Finding Eden in Africa

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When it rains in Africa everything is transformed from a pallet of dry brown to a rich green interspersed with splashes of colour. Lenses usually focused on wildlife and birds quickly get distracted by the mirage of flowering grass blowing in the wind. Sometimes when you are lucky, you even get the chance to photograph and animal enjoying this short lived splash of colour.

Look closely and you can’t help but be amazed by the complex beauty of some of the wild flowers that are there, right next to the side of the road if you just open your eyes. This yellow flower for instance looks almost orchid-like in its appearance. Stunning!



Another wild roadside flower which caught my eye was this beautiful purple Watsonia-like plant which judging by all the ants must have had a sweet nectar.


To most of us grass is just grass. But obviously there are thousands of different grasses each with its own individual blooming head and unique colour pallet.



As they used to say at school …flowers are for pansies. But when there is a wild animal sitting among them, who cares if someone calls me a pansie. I just want the shot!






Flowers can also be beds of fun and a place for scheming Vervet Monkeys to hide while they plot amongst themselves how they are going to get into your lodge. This thieving bugger below tried and tried, but unfortunately for him, the fact that he was hiding in flowers meant he was the point of focus. Eventually he went next door and robbed some trusting French people who left their door open!


Next time you are driving the grasslands stop and take a closer look at what exactly it is you are driving past and you will be amazed at the complexity of simple stuff like grass!


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Finding Eden in Africa, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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