Boys Will Be Boys

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Watching a troop of baboons is like watching a big dysfunctional family that has no choice but to function as a group in order to survive. It’s a parade of macho manpower, women picking fleas and gossiping, young adults chasing girls and young girls enticing young males and naughty kids running wild. It has all the hallmarks of a family soap opera with plots, sub-plots, scandal and abuse.

So, spot a troop of baboons and you just have to stop and watch the show!

On this last trip to Kruger it had just stopped raining when we came across a troop of baboons drying themselves off next to the road. As usual the males were hanging their stuff out hoping to entice the hot young females, the older mothers were picking fleas and socializing and the kids were being kids chasing each other through the trees; basically typical extended baboon family activity. But what was really interesting to see was a small group of youngsters enjoying playing in a big pool of rainwater.

Until now we had the impression baboons hated water. But, when you are young and stupid…what the hell…boys have got to be boys and in the bush there is nothing better than a puddle to play in.




Of course, in every group of personalities there is one guy who is smarter than the rest. So while some were distracted by the water one young guy ducked off to try his luck with a sexy young female in the middle of the road.


It only takes one look at the expression on her face to understand what she told him to do with himself!




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